Welcome to the home of the Deep Fried Festival

Now in it's 10th year!!! We are currently organising the venues and accepting submissions for 2015.
We are a paradox of festivals - we are large in stature and geography but small in budget. In 2014 we put on a week long festival that ran simultaneously across Scotland on a budget of around £50.

How do we do this? Well are ethos has been to give all the money raised by ticket sales direct to charity. In fact we don't even sell the tickets, the charities do ( We never touch the money.) ensuring the Charities get 100% of the sale.

Now you may also think that the festival must be some sort of bang you over the head charity event, but you'd be wrong. With over 3,000 films being submitted from around the globe and audience based awards it's also one of the best festivals around for honest feedback and audience engagement.